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MSc Thesis prize for Daan Poppema

Daan Poppema (Water Engineering and Management) has won the MSc Thesis prize of Civil Engineering 2018. The prize was awarded on Friday November 2 after the yearly graduation ceremony for civil engineering bachelors. The supervisors of the three nominees, Daan Poppema, Wietse te Morsche and Kees van Ginkel, all gave a short presentation to explain why their candidate deserved the award the most. After this, the jury gave their impression of the three Master theses.

Daan Poppema examined how salt marsh formation can be modelled and applied this model to the Marconi salt marsh project in Delfzijl. These salt marshes are coastal wetlands that can break waves and thereby improve coastal safety. Wietse te Morsche researched the potential for more flexible public transport in Overijssel and the individual demands of public transport users. Kees van Ginkel’s subject was urban water security. He developed a dashboard to evaluate the effect of environmental and socio-economical pressure on the water security of cities. 

The jury found that all three candidates excelled in doing research, having a critical attitude and reporting their findings. They appreciated the strong societal relevance of all three subjects that drove to students to do their research. Furthermore, the jury was impressed by the strong scientific contributions and the fact that all three nominees have published a scientific journal article of their work or have nearly finished doing so. 

To choose the winner, the jury looked at relevance and innovativeness of the research and the quality of both the research and the report. Based on the relevance of the subject for sustainable coastal protection, successful lab experiments and innovative modeling methods that managed to combine multiple disciplines and an excellent report, the jury awarded Daan Poppema with the MSc Thesis prize of Civil Engineering 2018.