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Department of Biomechanical Engineering

Department of Biomechanical Engineering

Ditske de Lange

ir. D.J.B.A. de Lange (Ditske)


Ph.D. student

Fields of interest

Rehabilitation Technology, Clinical Technology

Biomechanical Research, Rehabilitation Robotics


My name is Ditske de Lange. I was born in Delft, the Netherlands in 1982. I studied Human Movement Technology at the The Hague University (B.Sc. 2004) and BioMedical Engineering at the Technical University Delft (M.Sc. 2008). After I finished my Master thesis, I started my Ph.D. research in the field of Biomechanical Engineering at the University of Twente (Enschede, The Netherlands). I am involved in the ‘VIRTUROB’ project which aims to exploit robotic devices and virtual reality in the assessment and training of neurological disorders. The project is a follow up project of the active rehabilitation project. I am focussing on the assessment of impairments of the upper extremities following stroke using previous developed robotic exoskeletons, and electrophysiological measures.

Curriculum Vitae


Selection of publications

De Lange, D.J.B.A., Langelaar, M. and Herder, J. L., 2008. “Towards the Design of a Statically Balanced Compliant Laparoscopic Grasper using Topology Optimization”. Proceedings ASME DETC 32nd Annual Mechanisms and Robotics Conference, August 3-6, Brooklyn, New York, USA. Paper number DETC2008-49794. (Accepted)

De Lange, D., en van de Graaf, M., 2005. “Een aangepaste Trompet met Trompetsling, Instrumentaanpassing voor een invalide meisje”. Tijdschrift voor Ergonomie, 30(1), pp. 26-27.

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