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MK (Maeghan) Innes, MSc


PhD Student

Fields of interest

Biomechanical engineering

Medical Imaging

Minimally invasive technology


I spent my first 19 years in Montreal, Canada. I left Montreal to pursue a Masters of Applied Science in the field of Biomechanical Engineering at the University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario, CA. My Masters’s research involved building a device to hold and apply loads to a dismembered sheep knee so that I could investigate the menisci using medical imaging techniques. In order to investigate the soft tissue of the knee non-invasively, my project was to build a joint loading device which is compatible for two medical imaging techniques: magnetic resonance (MR) imaging and micro-computed tomography (μCT). This device was designed to apply physiologic loads while maintaining the knee at varying flexion angles representing the stance phase of gait. These loads were applied with a custom built pneumatic cylinder during simultaneous image acquisition. The pneumatic cylinder applied a load to the potted femur axially, while the tibia was potted into a spherical Delrin® cup that was free to rotate. The entire device, including the femur, patella, tibia and pneumatic cylinder, fit within a 14cm diameter acrylic tube to allow insertion into the bore of the scanners.

The objective of this work was to study the response of the meniscus to physiologic loading. Quantification of this response in normal tissue will aid in determining variations due to injury, disease and healing; and provide insight into the trajectory of tissue degeneration that leads to osteoarthritis.

In August 2010 I started with the Minimally Invasive Robotics In An MR environment, MIRIAM, group at the University of Twente. The goal of the project is to develop technology for minimally invasive surgical procedures in an MR environment. I will be working together with two departments in the University of Twente, as well as the Radbound University Nijmegen Medical Centre, Demcon Advanced Mechatronics, Siemens and Xivent medical. My role in the project is to develop MR compatible robotic manipulator technology with applications for diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer.

Curriculum Vitae


Selection of publications

Innes, M.K., 2009. Design of a magnetic resonance imaging and micro-computed tomography compatible ovine stifle joint loading device to assess osteoarthritis progression. Thesis, (MASc). University of Guelph.

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