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Department of Biomechanical Engineering

Design and Control of a Robot for TMS during treadmill walking (Jan de Jong)


Jan de Jong






Prof.dr.ir.Herman van der Kooij

Dr.ir. Arno Stienen

Ir. Volkert van der Wijk

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Jan de Jong




Design and Control of a Robot for TMS during treadmill walking.


Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is used to induce small currents inside the brain. The resulting brain activity can help revalidation or can be used to identify motor responses. As this stimulation needs to be both precise and repeatable, computer aided navigation and robotic TMS have been developed. The robots currently used for TMS are powerful, heavy industrial robots. Because of safety issues the speed of these robots are limited and therefore not suitable for TMS during activities such as walking. TMS during walking can be used for the identification of reflex loops, diagnostics and revalidation of stroke patients.


The goal of a new TMS robot design is to overcome these issues and permit use of robotised TMS during walking.


The first task is the design of a TMS robot. For this a program of requirements and constraints is composed. This needs specific information about the movement of the head during normal gait. The second part is the design and implementation a controller for this robot. The design and manufacturing of robot is outside the scope of this assignment and done by others.