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Department of Biomechanical Engineering

Redesign of the knee attachment for the Lopes (Peter Meelis)



Peter Meelis


Intern Horst Z 122, Extern Moog Nieuw vennep




Ir. Jos Meuleman

Prof. dr.ir. Herman van der Kooij

Ir. Edsko Hekman

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Redesign of the knee attachment for the Lopes


The goal of the LOPES project (LOwer-extremity Powered ExoSkeleton) is to develop a robotic device (LOPES) for gait training and assessment of motor function in stroke survivors. This involves designing the mechanical setup of the exoskeleton as well as its control structure. LOPES will be used to optimize the functional outcome of (robot-aided) gait training in chronic stroke survivor

With the insights that where gained from the first LOPES a redesign will be made to further improve the LOPES. One of the aspects that need to be improved is the attachment of the patient to the LOPES.


A redesign will be made for the knee attachment. Improvements can be made in: the donning and doffing time of the attachment (especially for new patients this takes a lot of time), comfort and the ease of use (for both patient and therapist since multiple tools are required to make adjustments to the frame and the therapist needs to put himself into strange position to make the adjustments and to attach the patient).


After analyzing the improvements that could be made, multiple proof of principle prototypes will be made and tested. On the basis of the outcomes of these tests a final design will be presented.