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Department of Biomechanical Engineering

Limpact: Modeling and control of a human arm powered exoskeleton (Carsten Voort)



H.C. Voort (Carsten)


Z 122




A. Otten, MSc (daily supervisor)

Prof. H. van der Kooij, PhD, MSc

A.H.A. Stienen, PhD, MSc

R.G.K.M. Aarts, PhD, MSc (external member)

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Limpact: Modeling and control of a human arm powered exoskeleton


The Limpact is a multiple degree of freedom powered exoskeleton, which has four hydro-elastic actuators mounted on the actuated rotational degrees of freedom. It provides, combined with a supporting structure including passive degrees of freedom, a range of motion comparable to the human arm. This allows for full degree of freedom rehabilitation and diagnostics. In rehabilitation, the exoskeleton can for example be used to restore arm functionality of CVA patients when applied in a (virtual) training environment. In diagnostics, the exoskeleton could be used to identify, by disturbance, the passive joint stiffness and damping.



Derive a dynamic model


Control the exoskeleton based on the dynamic model


To design control strategies for the exoskeleton, a dynamic model must be derived. The model will be derived using a dynamical modeling environment, like for example SPACAR or 20-sim. After that, specific control strategies will be designed starting with gravitational compensation on arbitrary paths. The control will be simulated and finally implemented on a real-time machine to actually control the exoskeleton.

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