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Department of Biomechanical Engineering

Studying the stability of a bicycle and rider



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General Introduction

This assignment is part of the project SOFIE (Slimme Ondersteunende FIEts/ Smart Assisted Bicycle). The goal of the project is to develop intelligent assistance devices for electric bicycles to help elderly or cyclists with disabilities and to improve knowledge about bicycle stability in general.

Complex interactions between the bicycle, the rider and the environment define whether the person feels stable on the bicycle. Computer simulations are used as a tool for studying the stability of the whole system.

Assignment Introduction

A multi-body model of the bicycle dynamics, tire-road contact and rider dynamics developed with the software Adams is used to simulate the behavior of the bicycle-rider system. The system is expected to be stable when the center of mass stays within certain boundaries.

Several ideas exists about how to improve the stability of the bicycle, these ideas can be tested using computer simulations.


Define the most important parameters that influence the stability of the bicycle and test the ideas to improve the stability.



Literature review on bicycle stability


Sensitivity study of bicycle parameters on stability (and possibly extend the definition of stability)


Find optimal design of the bicycle


Testing ideas (of assistive devices) to improve stability

Further information

For more information about the SOFIE-project see: www.mobilitylabtwente.nl/sofie. If you are interested in this assignment, please contact Vera Bulsink (vera.bulsink@utwente.nl) for more information.