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Department of Biomechanical Engineering

Department of Biomechanical Engineering

Robot Aided Rehabilitation – Design of a smart coffee cup



Twente University


(Bio-)Mechanical engineering


Robotic Aided Neuro rehabilitation of arm and hand functioning – MIAS-ATD


Ard Westerveld (daily supervisor)



SmartCupGrasping objects is an important function in daily life. It becomes difficult or even impossible to grasp for a large number of patients (like spinal cord injury, hemiplegia due to stroke, Duchenne muscular disease, Multiple Sclerosis and many others). Sufficient electrical stimulation (ES) of finger flexor and extensor muscles, together with the thumb musculature, can support the natural grasping function. ES can help these patients to become more functionally independent and regain manual dexterity.

In the past, several authors have claimed functional meaningful exercises to be more successful for rehabilitation than other exercises. The manipulation of objects is such a meaningful exercise occurring often in daily life.

To be able to effectively train the affected hand, it is necessary to know how much assistance should be applied by the electrical stimulator. Therefore, the performance of the subject needs to be evaluated. In addition it is useful to monitor the improvement of the patient.


To combine both the measurement of performance and the functional meaningful training, an instrumented object is needed. The goal of this assignment is to design and evaluate such an instrumented object.



Browse literature for existing systems


Identify key requirements


Write specifications


Generate concepts


Choose best concept


Detail concept


Develop prototype


Develop test setup


Test final design


Write thesis

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