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Department of Biomechanical Engineering

Department of Biomechanical Engineering

Design of a haptic measurement device



Intern or Extern (Moog Nieuw Vennep






Jos meuleman (contact)



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http://bobspaller.com/images/SensAble%20PHANTOM%20Omni.jpgHaptic devices interact physically with humans. User force is read as input, the device displays a force to the user in order to achieve haptic feedback. The applications vary from simulating virtual environments to assistive devices, from fingergrip devices to force driven leg orthoses. Different applications require different haptic performance. Yet suitable haptic performance measures are rare.


Develop, design and build a measurement device that replaces the human in haptic systems, such as the HapticMASTER, series elastic actuators for Lopes and Limpact, in order to quantify the haptic performance of the haptic system.



Literature study: Identify haptic performance criteria. Focus on human perception


Select haptic performance measures define how they can be quantified in a protocol (virtual collisions, free air movement etc)


Design the device and controller


Build the device


Run the protocols on haptic systems

Further information

If you are interested, please contact Jos Meuleman (j.h.meuleman@utwente.nl)