MIRA University of Twente
Department of Biomechanical Engineering

Final bachelor assignments

As bachelor assignments tend to come and go at a rate that makes it practically impossible for us to keep the website up to date, we do not have a list of available assignments.

The most practical way to an assignment seems to be to combine a research area and an assignment type. Once you have those two send Jasper Homminga an email and he will forward you to the right person.

Research areas can be found here

Assignment types:


every assignment contains a literature assignment, but some are purely literature assignments: you search through the literature and create a review of the currently available knowledge on a subject.


You will perform measurements on humans, organs, implants, machines etc. and analyse the thus generated data.


You will analyse a problem and design a solution to that problem.

Note that certain assignments may require that you have successfully completed certain courses.