At Wednesday December 17th, 2003 the first AIDA Seminar was held. The theme of the seminar was: combination and/or integration of longitudinal and lateral support.

Bart van Arem (AIDA) was the leader of the seminar and started with an introduction of the theme. Traffic and transport has to deal with big problems, such as congestion, accidents and environmental pollution. Solutions for these problems are amongst other to be found in the application of driver assistance in the car. These are systems that support the driver in his driving task or completely take over control of the vehicle. At the moment longitudinal systems are available, such as Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and Parking Assist. For lateral systems there are a Lane Departure Warning Assistant (LDWA) and a Lane Keeping System (LKS). In Japan the Nissan Cima is commercially available in which ACC and LKS are integrated. This leads to the question how far the integration of systems is necessary. In this first AIDA Seminar the different aspects concerning integration of longitudinal and lateral support systems were discussed. (The slides of this introduction can be found here.)

With the presentation as starting point the theme was discussed. A summary of these presentations and the discussion is presented below. A link to the slides of each presentation can be found below each summary.


Helmut Schittenhelm (DaimlerChrysler): experience with the Chauffeur Assistant


Govert Schermers (AVV): exploration of the traffic flow effects of combined lateral and longitudinal control (because of illness of Govert, Bart van Arem gave the presentation)


Jeroen Hogema (TNO): driving behaviour effects of the Chauffeur Assistant


Karel Brookhuis (University of Groningen): human factors evaluation of automation

We thought the first AIDA Seminar to be a great success and we therefore want to thank all the participants for their entry. A list of participants can be found here.

Photographs: 1 & 2