Modelleren van verkeers- en reisinformatie tijdens niet-recurrente verkeers condities.

Modelling of traffic and travel information in non-recurrent traffic conditions

PhD student:

ir Thijs J. Muizelaar (


Prof. dr ir Bart van Arem (


December 2003 t/m December 2007

Traffic information is one of the solutions to reduce traffic problems. It is expected that traffic information can have the greatest effect in non-recurrent traffic conditions, such as accidents. This PhD project aims to describe the preferences of drivers for traffic information in non-recurrent conditions, the route choices made when using this information and finally, simulating the behaviour on a road network, to determine the effects of information.

Keywords: ATIS, non-recurrent traffic situations, personalization, route choice behaviour

Background and problem definition

Non-recurrent traffic conditions such as accidents, road works and large events account for an increasing amount of congestion. Advanced Traffic Information Systems (ATIS) can inform drivers about these conditions and can give a route advice. However, current ATIS give very limited information on these non-recurrent situations. For this purpose the project will study the preferences of drivers for traffic information, and the effects of the information, under non-recurrent traffic conditions.

Methodological approach

The project will address three traffic situations: accidents, large events and road works. The needs and preferences for traffic information of the driver in these situations will be acquired with the aid of an internet survey. These preferences will be used in developing a route choice model specific for the use of information and non-recurrent traffic conditions. The necessary data for the route choice model is gathered with a route choice simulator. Finally, the effects of information will be determined using a microscopic traffic simulation (Paramics).

General preferred contents of traffic information’

Scientific and societal relevance

There is a need for scientifically solid determination of the needs and preferences of drivers for traffic information under non-recurrent traffic situations. In addition, there is a need for route choice models for non-recurrent traffic situations that incorporate the use of traffic information. The use of traffic and travel information in non-recurrent conditions is expected to contribute to an improvement of traffic efficiency and travel times under these conditions, because drivers are better informed and can make better route choices.

Expected practical and scientific results

The project will provide results on drivers’ preference for traffic information and empirical data on route choice behaviour during non-recurrent traffic conditions. It will also show how traffic information can be used to improve traffic efficiency.

The project will develop a route choice model which incorporates the influence of traffic information in non-recurrent traffic situations. Also a route choice simulator will be available to investigate route choices under information provision in actual situations.



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The PhD project is carried out at the knowledge centre (AIDA) which is a cooperation of the University of Twente and TNO.