General information

“The Integrated Driving Assistant (IDA) supports a car driver in choosing and maintaining a safe speed, headway and heading. IDA takes care that overtaking, merging and turning take place safely. IDA keeps an eye on traffic signals and warns the driver for obstacles. IDA guides the driver along the fastest, cheapest or most comfortable route and monitors the desired arrival time. IDA informs and supports the driver and takes his or her personal preferences and purposes into account. Car driving is made more relaxed, safer and faster.”

Science fiction? Not at all…. The first generation of driver support systems is now in the show rooms: navigation systems that use real-time traffic information, adaptive cruise control and lane departure warning. These systems are the first steps toward an Integrated Driving Assistant.

In order to take next steps, there are research challenges to be met. Especially knowledge is needed on the impacts of driver support systems on drivers in terms of e.g. driving performance and behavioural adaptation and traffic flows in terms of e.g. traffic safety and traffic throughput. For this purpose TNO and the University of Twente have joined forces in the centre Applications of Integrated Driver Assistance (AIDA).