Aim and mission


The aim of the AIDA knowledge centre is to carry out innovative research and to educate students working in the field of driver support systems, a field in which the integration and coordination of subsystems and services is an issue.


AIDA's ambition is to attain a knowledge position of international prominence that has demonstrable spin-off in real-world applications. In support of this aim AIDA intends to deliver publications in internationally refereed journals and publications and presentations at international conferences. Furthermore, AIDA intends to transfer AIDA results into real-world applications.

Within the first five years of AIDA's operation research and education will get underway and AIDA will gain international recognition. AIDA will be started in 2003 with four building blocks:


A part-time professor for Applications of Integrated Driver Assistance, who also acts as programme leader.


Two doctoral students: one doctoral student to work on the development of an intelligent journey assistant and one doctoral student to work on the evaluation of support systems for driving tasks.


An exchange programme between TNO and UT, which fosters the exchange of knowledge via the exchange of personnel, working meetings and symposia.


A user group, which monitors the relevance of the research and in which interested parties from the government and business world are being asked to participate. The purpose of the user group is to maximise the ultimate usefulness of the research results. This is achieved by having the group give feedback before and during the research on the plans and intermediate results.