Intelligent Transport Systems 2 – 2008/2009

In 2008/2009, the course ITS2 was offered as a follow up course of ITS1. The students formed groups for their group projects. Each group selected a potential ITS application of their own interest and applied their knowledge from ITS1 in studying the application. Tasks for the project included the system design, feasibility assessment, deployment plan etc.

The following reports were delivered:

Bas van der Bijl

Ray Bodok

DYMOG: Dynamic Mode Guidance for Public Transportation


Hans Bronsveld

Stephan van der Geest

MeteoNav: Development of a Weather Based Navigation Device


Benjamin Groenewolt

Marthe Telgen

METIS: a Smart, Safe & Green Navigation System


Mathew Olde Klieverik

Jacco Vosselman

ShareLease: a New Lease-Concept Combining Carsharing and Ridesharing


Ellen Vos

Bouke Vrind

TSSA: the Traffic Safety Speed Advisor

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Roel Wessels

Pooll: Combining Ridesharing & Social Networks