Intelligent Transport Systems 2 - 2008

In 2007/ 2008 the course of V10 was changed into ITS1 & ITS2. After the lectures in ITS1, the students applied their knowledge in their own project. They studied the feasibility of deployment of a specific ITS system in groups of 2 – 3 students. The following reports were delivered:

Sjoerd Beumer

Kees Kant

Navigation systems

Intelligent Navigation

Mike Fafieanie

Erik Sambell

Traffic management

Tidal traffic flow

Josine Reijnhoudt

Janet van Delden

Navigation systems

CAN (Clean Air Navigation)

Roel Massink

Robin Nieland

Personal Rapid Transit Systems (PRT)

To PRT or not to PRT in Enschede

Lieuwe Krol

Margreet Nederveen

Anthonie Renes

Navigation systems

Europe within reach – a navigation system for holiday purposes

Bastiaan Possel

Daniel Uenk

ITS for public transport

Choice Assistant for Train Travel