Intelligent Transport Systems 1 - 2009/ 2010

In 2009/2010 AIDA continued to offer the courses ITS1 and ITS2 but in a revised format. In ITS1, the basic theories and important components of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) were covered. The application of these theories and tools is realised in the group projects. Each group selects an ITS system of interest to them and then designs, analyses and evaluates it with the knowledge learnt. This brings the course to a higher practical level.

The course was lead by Rattaphol Pueboobpahan, with contributions from Jing Bie, Marieke Martens and Bart van Arem. It also included guest lectures by invited speakers: Mohamed Mahmod (UT), Jaap Vreeswijk (Peek Traffic), and Martijn van Noort (TNO).

A total of 14 master students enrolled in the course. Reports of their group projects are available here:

Martine Blom

Josine de Boer

RIBAT: Real-time Information on Bus Arrival Times


Antonios Chaziris

Zegeye Kebede Gurmu

BLAUW: Blue Light AUtomated Warning


Marc Draak

Erik Klok

TransFix: Real-time Transfer Information for Trains


Ruurd Bosma

Nina Zaalberg

SkipStop: an ITS system that supports Flexible Bus Routes


Thijs Homan

Niek Rolink

TraLIS: Traffic Light Information System


Twan van Duivenbooden

Nico de Meester

BIAS: Blind-spot Incident Avoidance System


Hans de Jong

Edgar Siemerink

P-Plan: Parking Place Navigation


In the second part of the course (ITS2), the students were able to apply the knowledge they acquired for an ITS challenge. The results of their studies can be found on the page of the course ITS2.