Intelligent Transport Systems 1 - 2008/ 2009

In 2008/2009 AIDA continued to offer the courses ITS1 and ITS2. In ITS1, the basic theories and important components of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) were covered. A total of 18 master students enrolled in the course.

The course was lead by Bart van Arem. It also included guest lectures by invited speakers: Paul van Koningsbruggen (Technolution), Richard van der Horst (TNO), Martijn van Noort (TNO), Patrick Potgraven (VID), Jing Bie (UT), Michèle Coëmet (Rijkswaterstaat), Rudi Lagerweij (Vialis & UT), Rattaphol Pueboobpaphan (UT), Jaap Vreeswijk (Peek Traffic), Mohamed Mahmod (UT), Kenan Aksular (Athlon Car Lease).

The students also participated in a test drive with an ACC- and LDW-equipped car.

In the second part of the course (ITS2), the students were able to apply the knowledge they acquired from ITS1. The results of their studies can be found on the page of the course ITS2.