General information

Internship or Master thesis?

You can do your internship or Master thesis within the AIDA knowledge centre! For more information contact professor Bart van Arem: or +31 53 489 3046 (Thursdays and Fridays). If you have your own great idea, you are always welcome to discuss this with us.


Knowledge centre AIDA provides the courses ITS1 and ITS2 in the Master phase, and participates in the designproject B3.

More information on the previous projects of VVR10 and on ITS1 and ITS2 can be found below.

VVR 10: 2004

VVR 10: 2005

VVR 10: 2006

ITS1: 2007/2008

ITS2: 2007/2008

ITS1: 2008/2009

ITS2: 2008/2009

ITS1: 2009/2010

ITS2: 2009/2010