Design of the integrated MarNiS assessment framework


Wout Drewes

Internship support

Prof. Bart van Arem (UT)

Ronald Jorna (Diepens en Okkema)

Start internship

March 2005


Diepens en Okkema (

The internship contains the conceptual design of a framework that integrates the technical, economic, socio-economic and environmental assessment of the implementation of navigation and information systems in the maritime sector. An important precondition of the assessment framework is the adaptability towards both the different systems and users operating in the maritime sector.

For the next three years the traffic an transport consultants of Diepens en Okkema will work, with some partners (Ecorys, GMSD, IFN en de University of Leige), on a subproject of the European MarNIS project (Maritime Navigation and Information Services). AVV is work package leader.

The main objective of MarNIS is to develop a mandatory systematic use of modern navigation and information systems for all the operators in the maritime sector. The unambiguous use of navigation and information systems has to increase the overall safety and decrease the environmental losses. The second intended effect of the project is to create a more efficient and reliable waterborne transport. Disasters like the accident with the oil vessel Erika near the coast of Spain, stimulated the establishment of the MarNIS poject.

The subproject carried out by Diepens en Okkema and partners consists of the integrated assessment of the navigation- and information systems presented and tested in the frame of the MarNIS project. To undertake this assessment the Integrated MarNIS Assessment Framework should be established. The framework needs to be completed in may 2006. The conceptual design of the framework that will be developed during the internship consists of an investigation of possible assessment techniques and indicators linked to the different characteristics of the maritime systems and users.

To collect the right resources to elaborate the assessment framework an investigation of the state of the art assessment techniques, arisen from finished and ongoing project in the field of ITS, will be undertaken. The research will show if and how the methods and techniques can be combined in the MarNIS assessment framework.

The report is confidential. For more information contact the internship coordinator Ellen van Oosterzee or Ronald Jorna at Diepens en Okkema (call 038 – 4225780 or see