On Thursday June 16th a visit was paid to the IKA/FKA (Institut fur Kraftfahrwesen/Forschunsgesellschaft fur Kraftfahrwezen). This institute, part of the Technical university of Aachen (RWTH) and founded in 1923, deals with everything around and inside the car (automotive). The excursion was organised in cooperation with Dr. Dirk Neunzig, head of the Traffic Department.

With a large group of employees and students of the course V10 from Enschede we spent the day in Aachen. The morning programme consisted of an overview of the research topics within the AIDA knowledge centre and IKA/FKA (NB this is a 66 MB file!).

In the afternoon, a test drive with full speed ACC and lane keeping assistance was planned, but due to problems with the test vehicles this plan failed. We did however see both test vehicles and were explained in detail how the connection between two vehicles could be established via a wireless internet connection. Below you find some pictures of the vehicles.

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Finally we were taken on a tour over the IKA/FKA site. They have all facilities to test cars and motor vehicles extensively.

As a conclusion of the excursion a number of agreements was made concerning further cooperation between AIDA and IKA/FKA, with a return visit to the University of Twente as a starting point.