Green light for a better environment: reducing Greenhouse Gas Emission with ITS in Japan and The Netherlands

Wing-Yan Man, B-Assignment at Toyota ITC, Tokyo, November 2008-February 2009

Traffic is one of the biggest contributions to global warming. Environmental changes are caused by greenhouse gas emission and energy consumption. To improve environment, several measures have been taken to reduce car use and emission, such as increasing tax rates and the promotion of public transport. A new development in the car industry is in-car Green Intelligent Transport Systems (Green ITS), systems which have the objective to improve environment by encouraging the driver to change into fuel efficient behavior.

The objective of this research is to propose a design of an in-car system in Green ITS for drivers in Japan and The Netherlands to improve the environment. To measure the opinion on Green ITS of Japanese and Dutch drivers, a web survey has been deployed. The purpose of this survey was to find out the following aspects


Type of preferred information to motivate the change into fuel efficient behavior


Influence of personal characteristics on the type of preferred information


Attitude towards Green ITS