***NEW*** Call for participation in AIDA survey: Safety incentives for professional drivers

Safety incentives for professional drivers

Under the TRANSUMO programme, the research centre Applications of Integrated Driver Assistance (AIDA) is participating in a project where we explore on innovative ways of improving traffic safety. As a result we have developed a monetary incentive structure: drivers are rewarded with cash bonuses whenever they choose the safest route in their trip-making.

We are investigating on the potential effect of such an incentive structure. For this purpose a web survey has been set up where hypothetical route choice situations are presented to the respondents.

For the time being we are targeting professional drivers, i.e. employees who drive as part of their job. The incentive structure, though at the expense of the employer, encourages the drivers to choose safer routes. Consequently, the employer’s safety record and operation efficiency will be improved. If the improvement exceeds the expense in value, then the employer is at gain.

If your company/organisation employs professional drivers and is interested in participating in this web survey*, please make direct contact with dr. Jing Bie (email: j.bie@utwente.nl, phone: 053-489 2543). To show our gratitude for your participation, you will be one of the first to be informed of the results of this web survey.

Such as delivery workers, workers of public service companies (e.g. gas, water) who regularly drive to clients.

With further implications on lower insurance premiums.

* The web survey is available in Dutch.