Call for companies: Interested in challenging our engineers-of-the-future…?

Interested in challenging our engineers-of-the-future…?

The research centre Applications of Integrated Driver Assistance (AIDA) offers two courses to our master students at the University of Twente:


Introduction to Intelligent Transport Systems


Advanced Studies of Intelligent Transport Systems

In the advanced course students participate in group projects and apply their knowledge to solve ITS-related problems. Subjects from past years include: driving assistant (safe speed, lane changing), navigation systems (social, multi-purpose), and inter-modal ITS systems etc.

For the advanced course in 2009/2010 we are looking for external institutions who will present practical ITS problems for our students to crack on. This provides our students the opportunity of a bite and taste on the latest challenges in the field. It also brings fresh thoughts to the external institutions for the eventual solution of these problems.

If your company/organisation is interested in challenging our young engineers, please make direct contact with dr. Jing Bie, via email to or by phoning 053-489 2543.

More information about AIDA courses can be found below or on the education pages.

Each year AIDA offers two master courses at the University of Twente:


Introduction to Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS-1)


Advanced Studies of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS-2)

The current course instructors are: Bart van Arem

dr. Jing Bie

dr. Rattaphol Pueboobpaphan

The introductory course prepares the students with the fundamental theory and basic tools in ITS. Various application areas are covered:


Driver assistance systems


Traffic information systems


ITS and public transport


Cooperative systems

After the course students will be able to understand the interaction between ICT and the traffic & transport systems, and to apply the available tools in the design, development & assessment of an ITS system. These include the analysis on user aspects, choice modelling, analysis on traffic and transport impact, and risk analysis.

The advanced course focuses on the latest challenges in the field of ITS and engages the students in solving current ITS problems. It consists of a group assignment where each group addresses a specific ITS problem as their course project. External institutions are invited to present the problems and facilitate the assignment together with the University. The task is to solve the problem, by applying available ITS theory/tools and by developing new ones. Traffic simulation softwares, traffic analysis tools, and other advanced tools such as a driving simulator and a route choice simulator, will be made available to the course participants.

In the academic year 2009/2010, the advanced course starts in mid November (week 46) and continues till end January. We believe that the contribution of external companies/organisations will greatly bridge the gap between education and practice.