Human Resource Development

Leadership and Organisational Change

For the topic of Leadership and Organisational Change the following literature should be studied:

Sleegers, P. & Leithwood, K. (2010). School Development for Teacher Learning and Change. In: P. Peterson, E. Baker, B. McGaw, (Eds.),
 International Encyclopedia of Education. volume 7, pp. 557-562. Oxford: Elsevier.

In this article, we examine research about the relationship between structural and cultural aspects of the school organization and teacher learning and change. We bring together two views of change that dominate the literature about school improvement and educational change. The first view, which we term the inside view, focuses on the capacity of schools to transform themselves into supportive environments for teacher learning and change. The second view concerns the implementation of externally developed reform designs into schools, the outside view. While one literature often informs the other, they view change through opposite ends of the telescope.

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