Human Resource Development

HRD Design and Consultancy in Live Context

For the topic HRD Design and Consultancy in Live Context the following literature should be studied:

Russ-Eft, D. (2002). A Typology of Training Design and Work Environment Factors Affecting Workplace Learning and Transfer. 
Human Resource Development Review, 1(1), 45-65.

The purpose of this article is to develop a typology of elements involved in the design of training as well as in the work environment that affect workplace learning and transfer. This typology focuses on elements that can be manipulated by the human resource development (HRD) researcher and practitioner as part of the HRD implementation rather than on dispositional and personality characteristics of individuals participating in the intervention. It identifies elements within the work environment, as well as elements before, during, and after training. By presenting a typology, this article provides a first step in theory building or a “theory of the middle range.” Furthermore, it leads to implications for future theoretical development, research, and practice.

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