Self study package EST

Literature related to Educational Design

Literature related to Educational Design

The main focus of the (pre-)Master’s degree programme Educational Science & Technology (EST) at the University of Twente is on the design and evaluation of learning arrangements in schools and organisations. This design-based orientation distinguishes the EST programme at the University of Twente from other education-related degree programmes in the Netherlands and is therefore also one of the topics to be studied in the pre-Master's programme.

The following literature should be studied (for full access to the literature and the accompanying videos, please 
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Gustafson, K. L., & Branch, R. M. (2002). What is instructional design? In R.A. Reiser & J. A. Dempsey (Eds.),
Trends and issues in instructional design and technology (pp. 16-25). Saddle River, NJ: Merrill/Prentice-Hall.

In this chapter instructional design is described as a systematic process that is employed to develop education and training programs. Although there are many instructional design models (many versions, or approaches, to the instructional design proces), a key set of elements, or phases, are incorporated to most of the models. The authors describe each of these elements and then go on to describe some distinguising features (characteristics) of the instructional design process.

To get an idea about the level of questions/assignments of our Master's programme the following is an example of a  self-study question/assignment for the chapter of Gustafson and Branch:

1.Go to the article On Strategic Design by H. Burkhardt 

2.Absorb - read this challenging article, written for educational designers, especially those working at large scale projects

3.Inquire - look up concepts and words that are needed to understand the key points made

4.Apply - consider the issues Burkhardt raises in light of the core processes in the ADDIE model described by Gustafson and Branch. For each issue, describe how you could use it to enrich at least one ADDIE process.