Rules and Regulations

Registration and Limitations in the pre-Master's Programme

Registration and limitations in the pre-master’s programme

  • All pre-master courses must be completed within one year. This is the maximum registration period in the pre-master’s programme.

When a student does not pass all courses within one year, he/she will be excluded from the programme.

  • Pre-master students have a maximum of two chances to pass a course. Within one academic year two chances are offered. Sometimes however, the course runs again the next semester. In that case students may use their second attempt in this second semester, which implies a ½ year study delay (with a max. of one year enrollment).

In some cases however – especially concerning part-time students – it is not possible to retake a course from your last quartile at all, because the retake takes place after your one year enrollment!

When a student does not pass a course within two attempts, he/she will be excluded from the programme.

  • A student can only enter the master’s programme after completing all pre-master courses successfully.

Note: The rules mentioned above apply to both full-time and part-time students.