CIMA course: Curriculum&ICT 2010-2011

Faculty of Behavioural science

Onderwijskunde /Educational Science & Technology
Reference: OWK/EST-OSC.10.18
Telephone: 053 - 489 251
Date: 30 june 2010

To: CIMA students
From: Irene Visscher Voerman (programme director

Subject: Curriculum & ICT

 Dear students,

In the academic year 2010-2011 the name of the Curriculum & ICT course will change in: Integrating technology in schools: from policy to practice (course code: 201000170). The content, objectives and assessment of the course remain the same. Please be aware to enroll yourself in the correct Blackboard environment and in Osiris.

If you have any questions you can contact the study counsellor.

Kind regards,

Dr. Irene Visscher – Voerman (programme director)
Martine ter Braack MSc (programme coördinator)
Drs. Yvonne Luyten – de Thouars (study counsellor)