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CEI seminar series

Your entrance to a network of all players in the energy transition

In 2019 the Centre for Energy Innovation (CEI) was launched. The ambition of CEI is to focus our researcher’s relevant knowledge and innovation power in the energy domain, and connect it to partners in the outside world. With the 600+ researchers at the UT active in this field, we support and focus the energy transition through research, education and innovation.

Today, with the help of many of you, we have made significant progress shaping the roadmap to realise this ambition. The unique breadth of knowledge available at our university can make a significant contribution to the energy transition. CEI initially focused on supporting four research areas representing a part of the UT's unique expertise: Twente Centre for Advanced Battery Technology, Digitalization of the Energy System, Energy-Efficient Data Centres and Negative Emission Technologies. In recent years, we have achieved a lot despite the corona pandemic. We made a short video about our achievements.

Seminar series

In 2023, CEI organizes a series of seminars in which we talk about our plans for the future of energy and climate research at our university. Shorter digital sessions will be organised in April and May. In June we will organise a second live seminar, most likely on the UT campus. A third live seminar will be in October.

Discussing the Future with Batteries

On June 28 10:00-13:00 at NoordHorst 209 we will organize the next Centre for Energy Innovation in person seminar, dedicated to the topic of battery technologies. This is an open invitation for all at the UT, whether you work directly in this domain or not—your contribution is highly valued, and we hope you can take advantage of the networking opportunities as well. 

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