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Materials on the Nanoscale for Energy Systems

Development of the next generation of materials and devices for energy conversion and storage is one of the missions of the University of Twente.
Our approach is based on:

  • Highly controlled synthesis, characterization and optimization of nanostructured advanced functional materials
  • Analysis, modification and optimization of interfacial phenomena involving photons, charges, ions, and molecules (liquids and gases)
  • Use of our Nanolab infrastructure, and internal (40 principal investigators are involved) and external knowledge connections (we participate in various (inter)national platforms/consortia)

Ongoing, cutting-edge projects include development and/or analysis of: i) advanced functionalized-silicon-based devices for conversion of solar energy to hydrogen, ii) conversion of solar to electricity (PV) using (organic) perovskites, plasmonics, and thin film oxides, iii) innovative concepts for electrochemical reduction of CO2 or N2 to value-added products, iv) batteries with advanced structured electrodes, and v) liquid-solid or gas-liquid-solid surfaces, focusing on charges and gas evolution.