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Twente Centre for Advanced Battery Technology

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The University of Twente has the ambition and capabilities to contribute to the development of renewable energy solutions by realizing scientific and technological innovations to enable large societal impact.

The Twente Centre for Advanced Battery Technology brings together all battery research activities at the University of Twente in 5 interconnected focal areas. Our goal is to advance research to realize breakthrough solutions for next-generation battery technology in a systemic approach and by addressing the complete battery value chain. The battery research centre provides a single point of contact for interested industrial companies and governmental organizations. Together with our partners we create a strong position in regional, national, European and global battery research collaborations.

 Focal Areas:

Advanced materials and electrochemistry

Exploring novel battery devices, synthesis and characterization of advanced battery materials with enhanced chemistries, electrochemical analysis of battery cell performance.

Contact: M. Huijben (Mark)
Power Electronics

Power electronic converters, Novel grid components, Intelligent (DC) grids, Multifrequency power systems, Design for reliable power performance. 

prof.dr. J.A. Ferreira (Braham)
Full Professor

Battery (fire) system safety, Certification processes, Action perspectives for emergency services, Safety tests up to 100 kWh (destructive and preventive).  

David Bornebroek MSc
Director Twente Safety Campus
Battery management system

Embedded software, Electronics architecture, Advanced chip-sets

Contact: M.R. van Steen (Maarten)
Scientific Director Digital Society Institute
Advanced Manufacturing

Design, Additive manufacturing, Thermal modelling, Digital twins

prof.dr. I. Gibson (Ian)
Scientific director Fraunhofer Project Centre

At the University of Twente extensive expertise in battery research is located in all faculties, MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology, Digital Society Institute and Fraunhofer Project Center. A wide range of battery research and development projects are ongoing in collaboration with industry ranging from new fundamental storage concepts to solving applied industrial challenges. Furthermore, battery R&D at the University of Twente is strengthened by the presence of additional knowledge and expertise in: Smart Grids, ICT, Sensing and Artificial intelligence as well as Human-Technology interactions, Governance and Ethics. The University of Twente participates in the Battery Safety Test Center (BSTC), a state of art test- and certification center for batteries, focused on (fire) safety at the Twente Safety Campus.

The University of Twente is the leading entrepreneurial university of The Netherlands with an outstanding reputation in bringing technology solutions to market. We are known for our engineering approach to societal challenges, merging fundamental technological and social science research with systematic solution designing. An outstanding track record in value creation, starting up and spinning off new businesses (with some 1,000 successful ventures to date) and giving shape to new expressions of social and industrial engagement. Together with our industrial partners we design and test the production of novel energy storage technology for next-generation battery systems.


For more general information about the Twente Centre for Advanced Battery Technology, please contact Prof. dr. ir. Mark Huijben ( In case you are interested in specific aspects of battery technology send an email to the contact persons of the 5 focal areas.