The Viper Project

VISPER: The VIrtual Security PERimeter for digital, physical, and organisational security

De-perimeterisation is the disappearing of traditional boundaries between IT systems. Both organisational and personal data is more vulnerable if connections and interdependencies increase, unless security requirements are made explicit and alternative protection mechanisms are put in place. Such requirements and mechanisms may include physical, digital and social aspects.

In VISPER, we develop methodological and experimental tool support for the specification and analysis of security policies that are integrated across the social, digital and physical domain, as well as security mechanisms that link these domains. Topics of interest include:

  • security requirements engineering
  • threat analysis
  • data-centric security
  • virtualisation
  • secure cloud computing

The VISPER team organised a Dagstuhl seminar from 04.12.2011 - 09.12.2011 about Secure Architectures in the Cloud.

The VISPER project is a joint project of the Distributed and Embedded Security and the Information Systems research groups of the University of Twente. VISPER is supported by AtosOrigin, the Dutch Tax and Customs Authority, Fox-IT, GetronicsPinkRoccade and BiZZdesign. The project is funded by the Sentinels programme, a joint initiative of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research Governing Board (NWO-AB), and the Technology Foundation STW.

Participating research groups

Distributed and Embedded Security (DIES) Research group
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