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Project Organisation


The U-Care project runs from 1 November 2008 until August 2013.

The research work in the project is structured in work packages, as follows:

Work package 1 (WP1) – Architecture and Business Applications

This WP develops the overall architecture and investigates the business application of the developed system for homecare support. The latter activity comprises identification of stakeholders and stakeholder roles, elicitation of end-user requirements, exploration of market opportunities, and analysis of value propositions and cost-benefit distributions across stakeholders.

Information: Lucas Meertens

Work package 2 (WP2) – Care Service Provisioning

This WP develops infrastructure solutions for the integration of existing IT-based homecare support as well as for the provisioning of homecare services according to the requirements specified in the care service tailoring process (see below). Provisioning includes the use of infrastructure functions that can perform runtime adaptation based on context events. Context events signify relevant happenings in the environment of the end-user, which can be derived from sensor measurements.

Information: Alireza Zarghami

Work package 3 (WP3) – Care Service Tailoring

This WP develops solutions for an elderly-centric homecare service creation process. The service creation process is driven by a technology-agnostic caregiver and targets a tailor-made homecare service package for a specific care-receiver. The result of the process is a so-called service plan, which is a model at a level of detail that allows automated translation to code for care service provisioning.

Information: Mohammad Zarifi Eslami

Work package 4(WP 4) – Technical Applications and User Interfaces

This WP selects, adapts and/or develops sensors, actuators, application components and user interfaces that can be used for care service provisioning. The end-user services provided by the application components interact directly with persons in the target group, i.e., elderly people, with specific goals such as advice, coaching, assistance and communication.

Information: Jan-Willem van ’t Klooster

Work package 0 (WP 0) – project management

The responsibilities assigned to the following persons:
Marten van Sinderen (project manager, WP2/WP3 manager),
Maria Iacob (WP1 manager), and
Bert-Jan van Beijnum (WP4 manager).

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