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Project information

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Title: Service Platform for Innovative Communication Environment
Start date: 01-04-2006
End date: 01-04-2008

Project description


To design, develop, evaluate and prototype an extendable overlay architecture and framework that supports: easy and quick service creation of intelligent and ambient-aware services, cooperation of multiple heterogeneous execution environments, and Pan-European seamless delivery of services across operator domains, networks and terminals.


  1. Provide a unified and seamless way to deliver services over heterogeneous execution platforms, network and terminals.
  2. Enrich the service landscape, through an overlay structure offering a personalised user experience anytime, anyplace.
  3. Create a trusted and open platform that will simplify the use of services and devices through personalisation and customisation.
  4. Open-up to new business models and value chains.
  5. Enable Pan-European service provisioning.
  6. Promote the uptake of innovative IT software technologies in a telecommunications grade service platform environment.

Participants from TRESE

  • Eduardo Gonçalves da Silva
  • Luís Ferreira Pires