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Lodewijk has a part-time position (assistant professor, 20%) at the TRESE group at the University of Twente, where he focuses on software composition. He has over 20 years of experience in the field of object-oriented and aspect-oriented software development, and has published well over 50 articles in international books, journals, conferences and workshops. He holds M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in Computer Science, both from the University of Twente.

Lodewijk has ample industrial experience, not only in research projects with industry, but also as a consultant, trainer and employee, with companies such as Ordina, Philips Medical Systems, Siemens, Ernst & Young, Thales, Ericsson Mobile Communications, ASML and Océ-Technologies. In such roles, he aims to balance the various forces of technology, human factors, and business objectives to achieve the goals of the stakeholders.

Next to being a researcher, Lodewijk uses his software engineering skills and experience in many companies and projects as senior consultant for the Software Improvement Group (SIG); there he works with small teams, in well-defined projects, to analyze software systems and organizations in concrete detail (typically involving source code analysis using the advanced tools of the SIG labs) , and translating the findings into actionable advice for the organization and its management.


Technical expertise & interests

Lodewijk’s long-standing technical interest is software composition at the modeling and programming language level: in particular, how can the modularity, expression power, adaptability and robustness of composition techniques be improved, so that software designs are able to scale with changing and growing requirements? Lodewijk has been actively involved in aspect-oriented software development research since its early days. He has been active in the community as a general contributor (papers, tutorials and demo’s) and attendee of AOP-related events, but also as a (co-)organizer of numerous workshops on software composition and AOSD (e.g. the SPLAT and ADI workshops series). He was involved in the AOSD-europe network of excellence, e.g. as a workpackage coordinator and member of the operational board.

Accordingly, aspect-oriented composition has been a key focus of his work in the past decade. Most of his research has resulted in contributions to the composition filters model, an extension to the object-oriented model with advanced composition techniques, including aspect-orientation. The research contributions in this area have all been implemented within the Compose* project, where ca. 20 M.Sc. and Ph.D. students have collaborated during 5 years on the succesful construction and evolution of a single, integrated tool-set that works on multiple platforms (C, Java, .NET) and multiple programming languages (C, Java, C#, J#).

More recently, he has worked with Wilke Havinga on Co-op; a novel composition model that supports the creation, reuse and refinement of aspect-oriented and object-oriented composition techniques as first-class entities (see this AOSD 2010 paper and Wilke’s PhD thesis).

Recent research involves energy-aware software (a popular term is green computing): within the ENOFES project we work, together with Océ, on the software engineering challenges of designing software that has to deal with (optimization of) energy consumption.


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