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Freek Uijtdewilligen gets second place prize of the Young Talent Contest

The Royal Dutch Science Association (‘Koninklijke Hollandsche Maatschappij der Wetenschap’) has granted to the Software Engineering student Freek Uijtdewilligen the second place prize in the M&I/Partners Master thesis Prize for Computer en Information (‘M&I/Partners Informatie Scriptie Prijs voor Informatica en Informatiekunde’).

Freek Uijtdewilligen describes in his thesis entitled 'A framework for context-aware applications using augmented reality’ a problem that be illustrated with the example of the Dutch Railways. A traveller wants to know from which platform his train will depart and may also want information about shops and kiosks present in the train station. This information is displayed on the screen of his mobile phone, projected on top of the actual picture of what the user is currently seeing, and is updated as the traveller moves himself or his phone. Freek has applied augmented reality and context-awareness techniques to implement a framework to support this kind of application, and has demonstrated his framework with an application to support a traveller as mentioned above.