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Prof. Aksit's keynote talk at the BMSD 2011 Conference

Prof. Aksit will give a keynote talk at the BMSD 2011 Conference in Bulgaria, on 26 July 2011, entitled “Software Technology Maturity Models”. The abstract of this talk can be found below.

Title: Software Technology Maturity Models
Speaker: Prof. Mehmet Aksit

From enterprise systems to embedded systems, software is the key enabling force of today’s businesses. Although this fact is recognized by the current business and technology managers,  the complexities that come along with software, and how to deal with these, are hardly understood. This is mostly because software is “invisible” and the professional skills that are required to deal with complex software are generally unknown to the management. For this reason, software system development is largely considered as a bunch of coding activity plus some nasty process management. The businesses that are willing to apply the maturity models such as CMMI mainly focus on the processes without being conscious about the depth of the required solution techniques. The increased emphasis on architectures is mostly limited to considering the enabling technologies in system realization. On the other hand, the language of the researchers in computer science are unintelligible to the technical managers. We believe that the so called software crisis is partly created due to the above listed problems.

To address these challenges, we will first identify the so-called key quality and technology domains. Then we will introduce the concept of technology maturity models. A technology maturity model identifies the advancements an organization may master in due time within a key technology domain through adoption of  increasingly more advanced and beneficial state-of-the-art methods, techniques and tools. Finally we will conclude the talk by emphasizing the advantages of adopting the software technology maturity models for creating successful businesses.