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Graduation projects and internships

If you are looking for a supervisor for your final project (Bachelor or Master) or for your traineeship, you can contact the following people:

Staff member


Christoph Bockisch (secretary)  

Aspect-Oriented Software Development
Software Composition

Ivan Kurtev (secretary)  

Model-Driven Engineering

Lodewijk Bergmans (secretary)  

Aspect-Oriented Software Development
Software Composition

Luís Ferreira Pires

Service-Oriented Architecture
Model-Driven Architecture

Pim van den Broek (secretary)  

Soft Computing Applied to Software Engineering
Analysis of Feature Models

Marieke Huisman

Methods and Tools for Verification
(in the Chair Formal Methods and Tools)

You should contact the coordinator Christoph Bockisch ( to discuss the formal requirements for carrying out an assignment at the SE group. You can also contact any of the people above if you have your own ideas for a graduation project, or if you have found a company interested in offering you a graduation project and you are looking for supervisors.

Below you can find information about external project opportunities and about ongoing and completed graduation projects.