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User-centric service composition


The development of services tailored to the requirements of each specific user is an expensive and time-consuming undertaking. However, there are many services available today, which can be adapted and/or combined in order to suit the requirements of service users. The potential commercial benefits of service composition are huge, and this motivates the enormous research efforts being spent in this area.


User-centric service composition allows users to stir the service composition process, so that services can be created to satisfy the requirements of these users, as compositions of available services possibly at runtime. Some initial experiments with user-centric service composition have been performed, but some work remains to be performed in terms of tooling and more realistic cases. In this project the students will build tools and perform case studies aiming at improving DynamiCoS, which is a user-centric service composition framework prototype developed at the University of Twente. The students will also perform benchmarking and compare DynamiCoS with other platforms and developments.

The goal of this research is to contribute to current research efforts in the area of service composition, especially to remove the obstacles to the application of this technology in realistic scenarios.


  • Literature study on service composition and its related technologies (Service-oriented architecture, web services, Semantic service descriptions, etc.)
  • Identification of tool or tool components (for example, in the DynamiCoS framework) to be further developed.
  • Evaluation of these improvements with a (simple) use case.


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Luís Ferreira Pires