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Information for UT supervisors

The industrial / external training is an essential part of the Master’s program.

The course name is Stage (External Training). The minimal duration of the training period is 14 weeks. There is no upper limit. However, students are advised to take not more than 4 months, because otherwise the study will be extended too much.

It is important that the EEMCS Faculty checks the quality of the training projects in a clear way. This requires academic supervision by one of its permanent staff members, sometimes by one of the colleagues from one of the other faculties. Organisational assistance will be given to the students by the Office for external training and internationalization.

The following tasks belong to the academic UT supervisor:

  • Judgement whether the foreseen project is of sufficient quality. The student has to inform you about the project and the hosting organisation should prepare a project description. Before the student leaves the UT for his training position, the academic supervisor should inform the coordinator about his consent regarding the project.
  • Advisor for research related questions and for the project report. The local supervisor will be the main guiding person during the training period. However the UT supervisor may act as a back-up advisor for the student. Please discuss your expectations and opportunities in the supervision with the student before the start of the project. Especially when the student encounters problems in his research it is very valuable that you are available for advice.
  • Visiting the student during the project in case the location allows this.
  • Judging the external training using:
  1. The report. The report is normally written during the training period. Students are asked to deliver the report immediately after return. If the student did not finish it at that time, it should be ready and delivered within three months after return. When students are not able to fulfil these conditions they have to inform you and the co-ordinator.
  2. The evaluation report of the local supervisor.
  3. At least one meeting with the student.
  • Providing the examination report (assessment form) for the course “Stage”. For this course, a special assessment form has been created, to be signed by the UT-supervisor and the internship coordinator. Please, use this form and send it to the Mobility Office.