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Transmission Media (191210790)

This course will not be taught in the study year 2016/2017. Please contact Prof. Leferink for more information

Teaching staff

  • F.B.J. Leferink

Course description


This course deals with the propagation of waves along the different transmission media and related to that the signal transfer through these media. The considered media are: copper wires, optical fibers, waveguides and strip lines, antennas and propagation of waves in free space and terrestrial environment.


Transmission lines: telegraphist's equation, types of lines, cable parameters, skin effect, reflections, terminations, transfer function, standing waves, reflectometry.

Fibers: wave guiding in step-index and graded-index fibers, single-mode and multimode fiber, dispersion in the different fiber types.

Waveguides: TE and TM modes, propagation constant, losses, applications.

Planar waveguides: modes, propagation constant and losses in strip lines, applications.

Antennas and propagation: radiation by an elementary dipole, antenna parameters and radiation patterns, types of antennas, antenna arrays and its properties, attenuation of radio waves, link budget, refraction and shadowing, Doppler shift, fading and spreading by multipath transmission.