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Modern Communication Systems (MCS) (191210780)

Teaching staff

  • M.J. Bentum

Course description

Communication systems interconnect communication devices by guiding signal energy in a particular direction or directions through a transmission medium such as copper, air, or glass. A communication system will have at least a transmitting device, a transmission medium, and a receiving device. In this course (Modern Communication Systems) we address issues of the design and provision of modern communication systems. The coarse addresses modern techniques used in modern communication systems such as source coding, channel coding, multiplexing, multiple access, spread spectrum, cellular concepts, OFDM etc. Systems will be studied, as wireless networks, satellite communications and personal mobile communication systems.

The learning objectives for this course are:

  1. Students shall be able to explain the specifics, potentials and challenges of modern communication systems in terms of applications, technology, and requirements in the context of present-days academic, knowledge and commercial environment.
  2. Students shall be able to discuss in detail at least two elements of modern communication systems.
  3. Students shall be able to discuss in detail the basics of at least two techniques currently in use in modern communication systems, which multiple access techniques is one of them.
  4. Students shall be able to calculate link budgets in various forms of communication systems, from satellite systems to body area network systems.
  5. Students shall be able to understand the basics and identify at least two issues in today’s communication systems, including satellite communication, body area network, ad-hoc network, and cellular network systems.
  6. Students shall be able to explain and give at least two examples of future communication systems and regulations.

More information

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