After a great time abroad it is time to come back to the reality of living and studying in Enschede. Naturally, we would love to hear from you. Not just so that we know you have safely returned to Enschede, but also to hear about your experiences during your time abroad. How do you feel about the time abroad, how would do you rate your experience? How were the quality of the courses, the university, the social life and/or what were your impressions of the country and its culture? All this information helps us in our work in such a way that we can better inform future students going abroad. 

Upon return to the Netherlands, you would of course like the courses that you passed to be credited towards your studies. And of course there are formalities to be observed surrounding scholarships. All in all, good reasons to stop by one of the staff members of the student mobility centre


After spending a few months abroad working hard, you certainly want those credits to appear on your gradelist. Your grades however will not be translated. As you have already previously submitted your courses to your educational programme, all you need to do now is send them and your programmes BOZ contact person your final transcript of records as provided by your host abroad.


As part of your study-abroad scholarship you are requested to prepare a short reflective report (questionnaire) about your stay abroad and hand it in with the exchange officer. This information is used to share with other students planning to go abroad or in some cases as a student experience story.


Every year we organize a moment to inform all students of the options for a study abroad period, as well as practical information sessions for students who are about to go abroad. As personal experiences are the best source of information, we continuously look for students willing to be part of the information session, and share the steps taken to go abroad, the frustrations, fun and experiences gained with other students. Please let the exchange officer know if you are willing to help out in this way.


After spending time abroad, you probably have realized how much you have had to depend on other people, and how much fun it was to befriend local students. At the faculty we have a large number of international students that are here for an exchange period, or even a full degree. We encourage you to interact with them.