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What are the possibilities?

During various stages of your studies there are opportunities to go abroad. The mobility options that are available within the faculty of EEMCS are: coursework and internship

Note that you need to plan well ahead, so start thinking about what you would like to do one year prior to your desired departure. You can contact your student adviser, BSc or MSc coordinator or exchange officer when you want to discuss your plans.

Coursework [30 EC]

Typically this is a full semester abroad. During this semester you will be enrolled as an exchange student at a partner university of the UT. You can also decide  to go to a university which is not one of our partners, on a so called ‘free mover’ basis (for more details check the Study Abroad Manual) .

With the agreements we have with the various partner university of the UT, you can take classes at the partner univeristies free of tuition charges. In each BSc programme the so-called minor space (modules 9 & 10) can be used to spend a semester abroad. Approval of the list of subjects needs to be given by your educational programme.

If you are doing a MSc programme, following courses abroad might be possible as well. In this case approval needs to be given by the Examination Committee.

'Free mover'

Going abroad on the ‘free mover’ basis means going to a univeristy without an agreement. Therefore  students will typically be required to pay tuition fees to the university of choice, even though tuition has been paid to the University of Twente. Therfore we recommend students going for courses at one of our partners within the EU or outside the EU as costs are greatly reduced this way.