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Partner universities of EEMCS

Partners inside the EU

An overview of the Erasmus partners of the faculty of Electrical Engineering, Applied Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS) can be found in this table. The numbers in the table refer to the maximum available places for the entire academic year for the mentioned study programmes. 

 Partners outside the EU 

The overview of exchange agreements with non-EU partners (specific for EEMCS) can be divided into three groups:

  • (I) the first group contains the so-called UT-wide agreements. As places with these partners are quite limited, students need to be nominated by the faculty for the central draw, done by the International Office; read more about the selection procedure in chapter 6 of the Study Abroad Manual. Check out the non-EU partners at the International Office study abroad website to find out about the availability of spaces in the 2nd (= Spring) semester.
  • (II) the second group contains agreements which are shared by a smaller selection of faculties, amongst them EEMCS. The places available are shared equally amongst the selected faculties or where needed by a draw.
  • (III) the third group contains agreements which are EEMCS only. The drawing will also be only organised within our faculty.

International networks for exchange

The faculty of EEMCS takes part in two international networks that provide further places at universities around the world. These are only for a selective group of students from specific educational programmes. See the list below. The exchange procedure for these destinations may also vary. Please contact your exchange coordinator for more details. 

For Global E3  network please also have a look at the presention given last year in 2018 for more information. Please note that for GE3 network the UT registration with your exchange coordinator opens 1 November and ends on 15th December


Educational programme(s) within EEMCS that is/are part of the partnership








Number of exchange places

within the contract








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Global E3







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