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Exchange procedure

If you want to do an exchange semester at a partner university, there are certain guidelines you should follow. Please find below a brief overview, while more details regarding each step can be found in the Study Abroad Manual. The registration software to be used, Mobility Online, is explained in more detail in faculty of EEMCS students manual  and on the mobility online help site


The first step is to find out when and where you want to do part of your studies abroad. Take a good look at the EEMCS partner university list and possibly also Study Abroad Database from UT's International Office  to see what options are there and which university (s) fits you best.

Requirements & selection of courses


First of all, you need to be enrolled as a regular UT student and pay UT tuition fee. Below you will find the specific requirements.

To be able to study abroad as part of your minor, you have to meet the requirements of the minor. Please see the OER/EER of your programme for these requirements.  You will also need the approval of the examination board of your programme for your course selection.

To be able to study abroad during your master you need to contact your MSc coordinator to see if you have permission to follow courses abroad. Final approval is given by the Examination Committee.


Carefully select the courses that you would like to follow at the partner institution. Make sure that the partner institution of your choice offers a sufficient amount of suitable courses needed for your study programme. It is your own responsibility to find and select these courses, as well as have them approved. Below you will find some guidelines for course approval:

  • Check the academic calendar and whether the courses are taught in the semester that you will be at the host university.
  • Select courses at your host university that have no overlap with the courses from your UT study program.
  • Per educational programme there are different rules in terms of the maximum number of EC's in language and cultural courses related to the host country you are allowed to take. 
  • Check the language of instruction of your selected courses. 
  • Pay attention to the knowledge requirements for the courses you select.
  • Pay attention to possible language requirements the host univeristy may have. You may have to prove you have sufficient command of the language of the courses by providing a original document.
  • Check if the course is available for exchange students. Please be aware that universities may have additional requirements / prerequisites.
  • Select a few more courses than needed for your sutdy abroad period to be presented to your examination board for approval to have a few pre-approved back-up courses.

For more information and guidelines read the Study Abroad Manual. If you have any questions regarding the selection of courses, please contact your study adviser or BSc/MSc coordinator.


To apply for an exchange semester, you need to fill in the application form before:

  • Fall semester: 1st of February
  • Spring semester: 1th of September

You can apply by registering in Mobility Online. You are able to choose up to 6 preferences of partner universities. You have to choose at least 3 preferences of partner universities. In order for your exchange officer to be able to assist you in the UT wide or Faculty selection process you will be requested to make & hand in a preliminary course list with hyperlinks for each university.


If there are more students interested to go to a certain partner university than places available at this partner, a random selection will take place based upon academic performance. In order to conduct a fair selection procedure, we will first divide all students into four groups based on their achievements and grades so far. Please see the Study Abroad Manual for the details of the selection procedure. Below you will find the dates of the outcome of the selection. 

Dates selection

UT wide selection

Faculty partner selection

Fall semester

Beginning of February

Mid February

Spring semester

Beginning of September

Mid September

Application to the partner university

The results of the selection procedure will be processed in Mobility Online. As soon as this is done, you will receive an automated email about this. In parallel to your workflow in Mobility Online, you can now apply to the partner university. Check out their website about the details regarding the application procedure (steps, deadlines, ...). Please also read the Study Abroad Manual for all the steps that you have to take. Note that many partners nowadays require a nomination by the home university by your exchange officer, in one form or another; if this is the case, it will be mentioned on their website.



In case you need a statement of language proficiency, the TCP Language Centre can support you in this. Check out their website about this matter.

Other practical arrangements

As the student going abroad there are various other practical arrangements that you are responsible for:


Please read the details concerning each item in the Study Abroad Manual


It is essential that you have enough financial resources to pay for your travels and stay abroad.

The University of Twente also offers some scholarships for study abroad. In the section on Money Matters and the Study Abroad Manual you will find further information about scholarships and tips (such as converting your public transport card) on how to save money whilst you are abroad.