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Thesis: Markov-modulated and feedback fluid queues

This thesis is about stochastic fluid queues. In such systems a fluid reservoir receives and/or releases fluid at rates which depend on the actual state of a stochastic background process. Often this is a Markov process, in which case we are dealing with a "Markov-modulated fluid queue". This thesis is concerned with finding stationary distributions for some types of fluid models. The two main contributions are: 1. We focus on models in which the state space of the background Markov process is infinitely large, either denumerable or not. This includes simple systems of fluid queues, such as a fluid tandem queue. 2. We introduce socalled "feedback fluid queues". In these systems the state of the fluid reservoir influences the behaviour of the regulating process (which is therefore not a Markov process any more). To learn more you can download my thesis or visit my website.

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