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Abstract thesis "Modeling the impact of interference on wireless ad hoc network performance"

This thesis presents a variety of mathematical models to model the impact of interference on wireless ad hoc network performance. Wireless ad hoc networks are characterized by their decentralized nature, they are self-configuring and dynamic. The wireless nature of these networks poses a number of challenges, where this thesis focusses on the impact of interference: As radio signals use a certain frequency, signals sent over the same channel can collide, disrupting the reception of the signal, causing packets to be re-sent or even lost. This has an impact on multiple performance measures of the network, including the capacity of the network, the delay packets experience and the throughput of the network. Chapter one introduces the setting of ad hoc networks. Chapter two analyses the lifetime of the network, depending on the strategy in which packets are transmitted within the network. Chapter three uses a polling model to take quality of service differentiation into account. Chapter four models a two node network, showing that when the impact of interference is strong, the capacity of the network should not be divided over both nodes, but should be allocated to a single node. Chapter five provides a model that analyses whether a network with given capacity of each link can accommodate a given traffic demand. Chapter six focuses on the parameter settings of the protocol in use and its impact on the throughput of the network. Chapter seven provides an algorithm that calculates where in the network bottlenecks can occur and the impact this has on the throughput of the network. (download thesis)