Operations Research seminar

Operations Research seminar

On the Energy Benefit of Compute-and-forward for Multiple Unicasts

Jasper Goseling, UT-EWI-SOR


Compute-and-forward (CF) is a technique which exploits the broadcast and superposition features and reduces the number of transmissions and receptions in wireless networks. In this paper, the energy benefit of CF is focused and networks with multiple unicasts are considered. We prove that the energy benefit of CF is upper bounded by a factor of min), where and K are the average distance and the numbers of the sessions, respectively. Also, it can also be concluded that the energy benefit of network coding (NC) is also upper bounded by the same value, which is a new scaling law of the energy benefit for NC w.r.t. K.

Joint work with Zhijie Ren (TU Delft), Jos Weber (TU Delft) and Michael Gastpar (EPFL)